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Who Owns Elevate Care?

The need for quality skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services in the United States is rapidly increasing.

With an aging population and rising rates of chronic conditions, an estimated 27 million Americans will require these services by 2050 – more than double the number in 2010.

Finding a trustworthy provider to meet this growing demand is crucial. This is where Elevate Care aims to make a difference.

Founded in 2019, Elevate Care operates state-of-the-art care facilities designed to deliver personalized, professional rehabilitation treatment and nursing care.

But just who is behind this promising new healthcare provider? And what sets them apart from other options in the market?

Let’s take a closer look at the ownership, leadership, and services that define Elevate Care.

Who is Behind Elevate Care?

Elevate Care was founded by entrepreneur Meir Meystel, who continues to lead the company as CEO.

After identifying gaps in the quality of post-acute care services in America, Meystel made it his mission to create a better model for short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

He envisioned facilities that could provide an elevated level of individualized care and superior expertise.

This vision led Meystel to gather a team of industry experts to help design Elevate Care’s signature approach to delivering compassionate, dedicated support and treatment.

Under his leadership as CEO, the company brings together top professionals in healthcare and senior living to offer a better experience for patients recovering from illness, injury, or surgery.

Meystel is passionate about changing the perception of skilled nursing facilities by focusing on innovation, 5-star hospitality services, and cutting-edge technology at Elevate Care locations.

His hands-on leadership and deep knowledge of the healthcare system have been instrumental in translating this passion into reality.

Elevate Care Details

CEO:Meir Meystel
Headquarters:Lincolnwood, IL
Phone:(847) 262 3800
Locations:Illinois –
Florida –
Elevate Care Company Profile

Elevate Care’s Offerings

Elevate Care operates specialized nursing and rehabilitation care centers across several states. Their facilities are equipped to provide a wide range of services, including:

  • 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care – With registered nurses on-site 24/7, Elevate Care delivers around-the-clock support with activities like dressing, bathing, medication management, and more.
  • Short-Term Rehabilitation – Patients receive customized therapy to help recover mobility, strength, balance and ability to complete daily tasks after an illness, surgery or injury.
  • Post-Hospital Recovery – Elevate Care centers offer a smooth transition with comprehensive support and services for continued healing and progress after a hospital stay.
  • Respite Care – For primary caregivers needing a temporary break, Elevate provides short-term nursing and assistance services.
  • Specialized Programs – From IV therapy to wound care, customized nutrition plans to stroke recovery programs and more, Elevate Care offers focused services to meet specific needs.

No matter the required level of care, Elevate Care’s multidisciplinary team develops an individualized plan aimed at the patient’s health goals and quick return to independence.

The Elevate Care Difference

What truly sets Elevate Care apart is their commitment to delivering compassionate, professional care in a welcoming environment.

Their state-of-the-art centers feel more like high-end hotels than traditional nursing facilities. Warm aesthetics, upscale amenities, and resort-like services create an environment focused on healing and comfort.

At the core is their person-centered approach to care. Nurses and therapists get to know each patient deeply as an individual.

Close relationships and trust are built through understanding personalities, interests, and family dynamics. This fosters highly personalized care plans tailored to the patient’s unique needs and goals.

Attention to detail is evident across all aspects of Elevate Care’s services. From restaurant-quality dining options to accessible outdoor spaces and engaging enrichment activities, their centers provide an experience focused on wholesome and dignified care.

The expertise and heart behind Elevate Care comes from their team of experienced, compassionate professionals.

Continuing education and training give nurses, therapists, and staff the latest knowledge and techniques to deliver the highest standard of care.

Looking Ahead

As Elevate Care continues expanding across new states, Meir Meystel aims to reimagine the concept of post-acute care and rehabilitation.

The company plans to integrate more innovative technology and cutting-edge therapies at its facilities.

For example, Elevate Care is exploring virtual reality rehab programs to make physical therapy more immersive and engaging.

They also intend to add more luxury amenities and advanced medical equipment as the brand grows.

However, the core focus will remain on individualized care, understanding each patient as a whole person.

Meystel sees tremendous opportunity to keep improving quality of life and independence for the growing senior population requiring skilled nursing services.

Elevate Care also hopes to share its approach, acting as a model for higher standards of care across the healthcare industry.

As the demand for post-acute rehab and skilled nursing rises, the company wants to inspire positive change and uplift other providers to deliver more person-centered, dignified care experiences.


With the increasing need for skilled nursing and rehabilitative care, Elevate Care aims to raise the bar for compassion and quality.

Led by founder and CEO Meir Meystel, this innovative provider offers state-of-the-art facilities designed to nurture patients emotionally and physically.

Their expertise and person-centered care plans enable better outcomes and an elevated level of dignity for those recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

As Elevate Care expands across America, they hope to bring meaningful change that uplifts the post-acute care experience.CopyRetry

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