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Who Owns Char-Kol in Freehold, NJ?

There’s a new restaurant generating buzz and excitement in downtown Freehold – Char-Kol. Focusing on wood-fired cooking, Char-Kol brings a unique culinary experience to the New Jersey town.

Ever since opening its doors earlier this year, Char-Kol has been praised for its distinctive flavors and inviting atmosphere. But behind every new restaurant is an owner with a vision.

So, who exactly owns Char-Kol? Let’s explore the story behind Freehold’s exciting new wood-fired eatery.

Ownership and Business Details on Char-Kol

Let’s look at who founded Char-Kol and how they built the business.

Meet Founder Jason Cobb

So, who is behind Freehold’s exciting new wood-fired restaurant? Char-Kol is owned by Jason Cobb, a New Jersey entrepreneur and restaurant industry veteran.

Name:Jason Cobb
Designation:Co-founder @ Char-Kol
Director of Operations/ Marketing @ Aurum Events & Catering
Jason Cobb Profile

LLC Registration and Opening

Cobb founded CHAR-KOL LLC, registering it as a limited liability company in New Jersey in December 2020.

CHAR-KOL LLC is classified as an active domestic LLC, with Cobb as the registered agent.

The official business filing lists the LLC’s mailing address as 38 South Street in Freehold, right where the new restaurant is located.

Cobb’s Vision for Char-Kol

Jason Cobb’s hands-on experience helped shape Char-Kol’s unique concept and menus.

His vision was to bring an authentic wood-fired dining experience to downtown Freehold, fueled by high-quality ingredients and focused on sharing plates enjoyed in a laid-back atmosphere.

Judging by the buzz surrounding the new restaurant, Cobb brought his vision to life in an exciting way foodies and casual diners alike appreciate.

Inside the Mind of Founder Jason Cobb

Let’s delve into Jason Cobb’s background and what inspired him to start Char-Kol.

Cobb’s Background

Jason Cobb’s professional background and lifelong passion for food drive the vision behind Char-Kol.

With over 15 years working in various roles within the restaurant industry, Cobb gained invaluable experience that prepared him to open his own dining establishment.

Inspiration from Live-Fire Cooking

According to interviews, Cobb has fond memories of cooking over open fires and grills during summer trips growing up.

He became enamored by the smoky flavors and rustic energy that wood-fired cooking infuses. This early exposure to live-fire grilling inspired his future career direction and vision for Char-Kol.

Bringing the Vision to Life

When conceiving his Freehold restaurant, Cobb wanted to recreate the warm, laid-back feeling of those childhood grilling trips in a uniquely modern way.

Char-Kol’s menu takes diners on a journey with wood-fired takes on everything from seafood and pizza to creative shareable plates and handcrafted cocktails.

The open kitchen layout allows everyone to feel connected to the live-fire action.

For Cobb, success means providing an exceptional experience focused on seasonal flavors, not just serving great food.

He aims for Char-Kol to become a welcoming staple of the Freehold community through its distinctive take on wood-fired cuisine.

Char-Kol Brings Wood-Fired Dining to Downtown Freehold

Char-Kol is earning acclaim for bringing wood-fired cuisine to downtown Freehold in an inviting way diners appreciate.

Distinctive Dishes and Dining Experience

Char-Kol specializes in wood-fired cuisine, using a live-fire open kitchen to infuse everything on their menu with smoky, charred flavors.

Their rotating selection of shared plates features items like wood-fired octopus, smoked pork belly, and grilled oysters roasted directly on the fire.

Char-Kol also offers Neapolitan-style pizzas baked in their wood-burning oven, as well as creative takes on classic cocktail favorites.

Inviting, Rustic Interior

With its laid-back vibes and unique culinary approach, Char-Kol stands out in Freehold’s downtown dining scene.

The restaurant’s interior matches the relaxed, rustic energy of its cooking, outfitted with reclaimed wood accents and cafe lighting.

Diners can sit at the bar surrounding the open kitchen or enjoy an up-close view of the wood-fired action from cozy tables and booths.

From start to finish, everything about the Char-Kol experience is distinctly designed around their live-fire cooking.

What’s Next for Char-Kol?

Char-Kol is poised for an exciting future as Cobb builds on early success.

Evolving the Menu

In its first year, Char-Kol has already made waves on the Freehold dining scene.

Looking ahead, Jason Cobb plans to keep the menu fresh by incorporating new seasonal ingredients and wood-fired creations.

Special tasting events and collaborative dinners are also in the works, allowing guests to connect deeper with the restaurant’s culinary approach.

Expanding the Lifestyle Brand

Cobb envisions Char-Kol as evolving into more than just a restaurant.

He wants it to become a true lifestyle brand that diners associate with quality handcrafted food, distinctive flavor profiles, and an inviting atmosphere.

An Exciting Future

The future looks bright for Char-Kol as Cobb builds upon the success the restaurant has already achieved.

Freehold locals hoping for an expansion of Char-Kol’s wood-fired offerings beyond the cozy downtown location may one day get their wish.

No matter what’s next for Char-Kol, diners can expect Cobb’s unwavering commitment to honoring the flavors of seasonal ingredients, Char-Kol is sure to remain a dining destination like no other in Freehold for years to come.


Char-Kol has quickly become the talk of the town in Freehold thanks to its distinctive wood-fired dishes and inviting atmosphere.

The new restaurant is the brainchild of founder Jason Cobb, a local resident and industry veteran who brought his lifelong passion for live-fire cooking to life in Char-Kol.

After registering the business as a New Jersey LLC in late 2020, Cobb opened Char-Kol’s doors in 2022, introducing his take on wood-fired cuisine to enthusiastic diners.

With Jason Cobb’s leadership and commitment to honoring the flavors of seasonal ingredients, Char-Kol is poised for an exciting future in Freehold.

Cobb plans to continue evolving the menu and expanding the brand while staying true to the restaurant’s signature wood-fired style.

For those looking for a truly memorable dining experience showcasing the versatility of live-fire cooking, Char-Kol is the place to visit in downtown Freehold.

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