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Who Owns Larkin Golf Club?

Golf, a sport often associated with tradition and exclusivity, occasionally surprises us with tales beyond the fairway. Imagine a golf club, once a symbol of private ownership, now making headlines for a surprising transfer of authority. In the heart of Statesville, Larkin Golf Club is… Read More »Who Owns Larkin Golf Club?

Who Owns Elevate Care?

The need for quality skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services in the United States is rapidly increasing. With an aging population and rising rates of chronic conditions, an estimated 27 million Americans will require these services by 2050 – more than double the number in… Read More »Who Owns Elevate Care?

Who Owns Avantara Nursing Homes?

Avantara nursing homes across the United States are owned by various entities, ranging from private investment firms to non-profit organizations. With over 95 locations in 19 states, determining the ownership of any particular Avantara facility requires some digging into business registrations and nursing home license… Read More »Who Owns Avantara Nursing Homes?